We are combining the yearly German tradition of Oktoberfest with the competitive spirit of home brewing to host the awesomeness known as “Brixtoberfest”!

Brixtoberfest 2021 Awards Presentation

Brixtoberfest 2021 Results

Brixtoberfest 2020 Results

Who: Brixie’s Brewers of Brookfield IL.

What: A BJCP/AHA registered homebrew competition accepting entries from all 2015 BJCP beer categories. No ciders or meads will be judged. There is a limit of one hundred twenty (120) entries. There is a limit of eight (8) of any single substyle. Entrants may enter up to four (4) separate entries. Each entry requires the submission of three (3) 12 oz unmarked brown bottles. Cost is $9 per entry, with all monies above and beyond operating expenses being donated to a Covid-19 related charity. Enter early and pay for your entries promptly! Only paid entries count toward the 120 entry limit. That means that another brewer who does pay for their entries promptly could take your spot even if you have entries in the system, but haven't yet paid for them.

This year, 2021, the competition will be remote/virtual.


  • Registration opens Saturday, July 17th, and closes Friday, September 10th.

  • Virtual judging will occur September 14th to 30th.

  • Judging will occur near October 4th, with Best of Show judging shortly thereafter.

Where: Competition entries will be judged remotely using virtual judging.

Entries can be mailed to or dropped at:

Chicagoland Winemakers - 11 W. Unit B Park Blvd. • Villa Park, IL 60181

Drop off only sites include:

  • Imperial Oak in Willow Springs

  • Brew & Grow in Bolingbrook

  • Brew & Grow in Roselle

  • Brew & Grow N. Kedzie Ave, Chicago

  • What’s Brewing? Supply in Palatine

All entries must be received by Friday, September 10th.

How: For more info on the competition and how to register your brew, please go to:

Best of Show

Best of Show judging will be in-person Monday, October 4th.

The Best of Show winner will get a chance to brew their award winning beer commercially at Imperial Oak Brewing in Willow Springs, IL!

* NOTE: This special award is subject to styles that Imperial Oak is able and willing to brew.


  • Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category/table.

  • The 1st place entry in each category will advance to the Best of Show (BOS) round with a single, overall Best of Show beer selected.

  • Score sheets will be available on the competition web-site. Awards will be mailed to participants. Results will be posted to the competition web site after BOS judging concludes.

Brixtoberfest Volunteer Info

  • Your assistance is needed to ensure the quality of our competition. Please check the Judge/Steward checkbox on the entry form when registering and join us.

  • All judges, stewards, and volunteers will receive a special gift for their assistance.

Brixtoberfest Sponsors

  • Imperial Oak Brewing, 501 Willow Blvd, Willow Springs, IL 60480

    • Chicagoland Winemakers, 11 W. Unit B Park Blvd. • Villa Park, IL 60181


Cheers! Prost!

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