We are combining the yearly German tradition of Oktoberfest with the competitive spirit of home brewing to host the awesomeness known as “Brixtoberfest”!

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Brixtoberfest is now a part of the Midwest Homebrewer of the Year circuit!

Who: Brixie’s Brewers of Brookfield IL

What: A BJCP/AHA registered homebrew competition accepting entries from all 2015 BJCP beer categories. No ciders or meads will be judged. There is a limit of two hundred forty (240) entries.  Entrants may enter up to eight (8) separate entries.  Each entry requires the submission of two (2) 12 oz unmarked brown bottles or two (2) 12 oz unmarked cans.  

Enter early and pay for your entries promptly!  Only paid entries count toward the 240 entry limit.  


Where: Judging will be Saturday, October 14th, 2023 at Imperial Oak Brewing, Willow Springs, IL  

Entries can be mailed to or dropped at: TBD - more information to come at a closer date...

How: Please return on August 1st, 2023 for a link to register!

To participate, we request that all of our volunteers be vaccinated and feeling in good health the day of the competition.


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email us at:

Competition Staff

Competition Organizer - Megan Sawa

Judge Coordinator - Dave Fetty

Registrar - Ken Hohl

Cheers!   Prost!

Thank you sponsors!!!